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What is PNK all about?


PNK has two separate elements under one roof.  We are both a modeling school and agency, and a promotional modeling agency, and we actually care ...we care about our models, and we care about our clients.


Based in Durham Region, and operating in Durham Region and the GTA, we provide staff for live marketing events in order to help you grow your business, your brand and your customer base.  These events enable customers to interact with real people and products, and have been shown to be more effective than traditional forms of marketing, so you get results for your marketing investment.  All of our promotional models are attractive, hard-working, reliable and intelligent. They are also highly trained in the art of promotional modeling.  You'll find that they do the little things to help you build an emotional connection with your customers.  But that's not all.  We're committed to providing you with the best customer service possible.  So when you form a partnership with PNK, your events will be successful, and will always be remembered by your customers.


PNK is also the place to be if you are an aspiring fashion model in Durham Region or the GTA...because we'll take the time to get to know you.  We take a grass roots approach to modeling, building your skills and knowledge from the ground up.  Our Programs are honest and affordable, and you won't have to pay membership fees.  You also won't have to break your bank to build a portfolio...because photo shoots are included in all of our Programs.  That's because we want you to be able to invest in what, friendship, education, memories, and of course, modeling.  At PNK, we offer a wide range of courses covering all aspects of modeling and life skills.  There is something for every budget and level of interest.  Whether you are 8 years old or an adult model, if you are interested in modeling, we have something to help you.  Our Programs are suitable for those who wish to learn all aspects of fashion modeling, promotional modeling, or both.  Best of all, you can stay involved by joining our Fashion Show Team, or having your birthday party, sweet 16, graduation party or bachelorette party at PNK with several of your friends.  So whether your interest is in runway modeling, print modeling, acting, makeup artistry, hairstyling, fashion design, photo modeling, dance, self-confidence or nutrition, we have friendly, qualified instructors to teach you.  Refer to the "Courses & Certificates" page for further information.  There's more.  PNK is the social hub of Durham Region.  You'll love our events and parties, like our "Snowflake & Candy Cane ball" party where you can celebrate Christmas in style. PNK is a great place to make new friends, and hopefully, lifelong friends.



About Us


Did you know that when walking the runway, your feet should be placed so that they land one in front of the other, instead of parallel to each other?  


Did You Know?

At PNK, we care 


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