Frequently Asked Questions


What is PNK Promotions Incorporated?


PNK is a modeling school and a promotional modeling agency.  We provide a wide range of training for those interested in modeling, suitable for those aged 9 and up.  See the "Courses & Certificates" page for details.  We also act as an agency that provides promotional models for clients at a wide range of live marketing events.  Our promotional models receive extensive training and can begin working some events at age 18.


What is a promotional model?


A promotional model is an attractive person that is hired to provide information to customers about a product, brand, service or idea by interacting with them at a live event.  Examples would be models at trade shows, food and beverage sampling events, car shows, and festivals, or models who act as hostesses, greeters or ticket takers at fairs, corporate events or nightclubs. Promotional models should be friendly and enjoy being around people.  This form of live modeling does not have the same restrictions on height and weight that is common with fashion modeling, but you do spend a lot of time on your feet and it is important to be in good shape 


How do I book promotional models through PNK?


To book promotional models for your live event, simply click the "Booking Form" page and follow the instructions.  You can also email us at or call us at (289) 987-0020 (local from Toronto and Durham Region).  


 How does one become a member of PNK?


PNK is exclusive, which means that you have to apply to become a member.  Click on the "Apply To PNK" page for details, and then apply online by submitting the form shown on the "Model Application Form" page, along with 2 photos of yourself.  A wide range of criteria go into selecting our models.  Your personality, appearance and interests all help us to decide if PNK is likely to be a good fit for you.  Younger models are selected by talking with their parents and with them.  Adult models are selected through a process including an application, interview and questionaire.  You can also apply to PNK at live model searches or open calls, so keep checking the "News & Events" page.


How much does it cost to join PNK?


There is no cost for a standard membership with PNK.  If you are accepted you will receive a membership card that is valid for 1 year. As long as you are an active and positive member of the school, the membership will be renewed annually at no cost.  There is an optional Elite Membership available for $69 per year which offers some great benefits like PNK clothing, discounts on courses, first access to event tickets etc.  The membership you choose is entirely up to you.


How tall do I have to be to apply to PNK? 


Because of our promotional agency, there are opportunities for you with PNK, even if you are not overly tall.  In fact, we encourage petite models to apply.  While it is common in the North American fashion industry for female fashion models to be 5 ft 9 and up and male fashion models to be 6.0 and up, there is no such restriction on promotional models.  As such, there are no height restrictions for our modeling school or promotional agency.  


What kinds of events does PNK have?


PNK is all about having fun, and events are a part of that. We offer a wide range of events, but the ones that actually take place will depend on the level of interest from our members.  Like everything else at PNK, its really your choice.   Some of the events we offer include the "PNK Valentines" event, the "PNK Halloween" event and the "Have a PNK Christmas" event.  There are also charity events, and events promoting PNK. Events are a great way to make friends with other PNK models.  All of our events are set up to include age-appropriate groupings.  


Where are classes and photo shoots held?


Classes and photo shoots are held right here in Durham Region at 707 Simcoe St S, Unit 202, Oshawa, L1H 4K5. There is a lot of parking at the site.  Inside the building are washrooms, wheelchair access, a kitchen with a microwave and the banquet hall where we will hold some of our events. 


Who teaches the courses at PNK?


All of our teachers are certified/experienced in their fields, so when you learn something at PNK, you learn it properly.  All of our facilitators are selected based on their friendly and interactive approach to learning, so you can always get your questions answered.  Some of our instructors are also promotional models with PNK, so they can act as mentors for our younger members.


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