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Those who are fortunate enough to become members of PNK quickly discover that there is something different here.  We actually CARE about our models.  It's not just something we say.  We'll take the time to get to know you. 


We also know the old game, where you pay thousands of dollars for a portfolio and classes...and are told which classes you have to take.  We don't play that game.  At PNK, we know you're smart enough to know what you want.  So everything is about choice.  YOUR choice.  Portfolios are optional.  And if you choose to ge one, you won't break the bank to do it.  Classes are also optional. You can take them all, or just a handful.  We also offer several certificates.  So you can work towards one that interests YOU. 


There's more.  We have PNK parties, where you'll have the opportunity to make great friends, strut the stuff you've learned or just sit back and take it all in.


And if you like to shop, in the near future you'll be able to buy the PNK line of clothing, right here in the website shop.  Eventually, you may even be able to buy PNK journals and notebooks, bath products, and more.  


Last, but not least, at age 16 you can start training to become a promotional model, so by the time you're in college or university, you can earn good money modeling at live events as part of the PNK promotional modeling team.   Welcome to PNK!

When you are accepted to PNK, your standard membership is free. It is good for one year, and will be renewed at no cost as long as you are an active and positive member.  We also offer an Elite Membership.  It is only $69, and is valid for one year.  It has some great perks, including first access to our event tickets, 10% off all classes, free PNK clothing, a fancier membership card and more. It is highly recommended for active members of PNK as it does offer real value.  More details will follow shortly.    

At PNK, your portfolio is optional.  We can shoot indoors, or outdoors if the weather is nice.  It's YOUR choice. The photos to the left are real examples of  photos you can get from your basic portfolio with PNK.  We offer CD portfolios for as little as $99, and can also provide a more advanced portfolio if you wish.  We'll help you to feel comfortable every step of the way, by helping you to choose wardrobe, guiding you through poses, and helping you relax and have fun.  Portfolios are recommended because they teach you to pose and move, and are a lot of fun to shoot, but it really is YOUR choice.

At PNK, we understand that a part of what makes a school or agency special is the opportunity to make great friends, perhaps even lifelong friends. We also realize the importance of celebrating our accomplishments together.  So at PNK, we have events.  Like everything else, the type of events will depend on you.  We ask our members, "what do YOU want?" and we do our best to make it happen.  Based on your responses, our next event will be the "PNK Valentines" party in February, where you will be encouraged to "wear your pink and red".  Hope to see you there!     

We care about our models

Not everyone is 5 ft 9 or taller with the exact description to meet the local casting director's needs. That's ok. Because if you're attractive, friendly, reliable and intelligent, and like people, you can work as a promotional model, even if you're not that tall.  Promotional modeling is all about interacting with people at live events.  We offer training in promotional modeling starting at age 16 so our promotional models are the best trained in the industry.  If you're dedicated you may even find your image on our banners, website and

brochures someday.          

At PNK, you can take a wide range of courses that teach you modeling skills and life skills. Some are only a few hours long, while others (like dance) include several weeks of classes.

They are affordably priced and taught by qualified instructors.  You may also choose to concentrate on a particular area by taking a group of courses to complete a certificate.  Please see the "Courses & Certificates" page for details.  Here's a twist.  Get a group of 10 members together for a course, tell us when YOU want it offered, and we'll do our best to make it happen.    

Belonging to PNK gives you a real opportunity to grow as a person. Our courses and classes include a wide range of life skills (like nutrition, and self esteem & confidence) that will be useful to you throughout your life.  In addition, when you are first accepted to PNK, we'll sit down and chat with you about what you love to do, and what your talents are.  Then we'll give you every opportunity to do those things and to grow those talents.  Finally, our promotional models are wonderful role models for our younger members. They are friendly, reliable, full of confidence, and always professional.   

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