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Date of your event

Start time of your event

Duration of your event, including end time

Location of your event

Description of your event

Number of promotional staff required

Number of hours for which you would like to book our staff

Please provide details including the duties you would like our staff to perform, the name of the person to whom they will be reporting on the day of the event, and contact information for that person including a phone number

What would you prefer our promotional staff to wear?

Any special requests, including the names of specific PNK promotional models that you would like to request for your event

When you book promotional models with PNK, using our online form, we'll contact you within 24 hours to confirm that we have received your booking request.  We'll also follow up with you two days before your event to let you know that everything is in order.  So you can rest easy knowing our staff will be there to help make your event a memorable one.


If you are booking on short notice or have unusual staffing needs, we would recommend that you call us directly at 289-987-0020 to ensure your booking is in place.  We ask that you book at least 2 weeks prior to your event but will do our best to accomodate you on shorter notice.


Thank you for choosing PNK to meet your staffing needs!  



If you have special staffing requests for your event, we'd like the opportunity to try to satisfy your needs. Please also talk with us about any special costuming needs for your event.


In addition, we offer special dance promotions so if you are running an event with a stage, or have access to a stage at a convention, fair, corporate event, exhibition or trade show, the PNK dance team can put on a dance show that your customers or employees will never forget.  They will perform dance numbers periodically throughout the event wearing your branded dance wear or, if you prefer, our standard pink and black dance wear.  Choose your song, choose your theme, choose your colours.  Our choreographer will create short, energy-filled and eye-catching dances, which our dancers will perform periodically at the event, so you can be assured that your company will be at the center of everyone's attention. 


Dance numbers take time to put together so more notice is required than for standard promotions.


Thank you for choosing PNK to meet your staffing needs!  



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