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Behind every success story is a well-executed plan.  We have a plan to help you.  The plan that PNK offers is designed to help your event run smoothly, successfully, and free of worry.  It begins with your idea for an event.  A convention, trade show, food and beverage sampling, nightclub event, onsite promotion, or whatever else you have in mind.  The event will attract customers and raise awareness of your company, product, service, brand or idea.  Once you know where, when and what type of event you will run, it's our turn to help provide the people to make it happen.


First, simply view the PNK Promotional Models Gallery where you can view portfolios of many of our friendly promotional staff.  The portfolios contain both photos (currently available) and a summary of each model's promotional experience (coming soon).  You can select as many staff as you need, based on whatever criteria you feel will best meet your needs.  Choose specific models, or let us choose them for you.  We do recommend at least two staff for an event as this adds a dynamic quality to the experience and ensures your customers are always engaged.


Next, you can book the models you have selected by filling in the online "Booking Form", or by calling us directly at 289-987-0020.  The online form asks for information about your event including the date, time, length of event, location, and who our models will report to when they arrive.  You will receive confirmation of your booking within 24 hours.  Use the form to provide details about your event and how you would like our staff to assist you (will they be acting as greeters, handing out flyers, providing samples, etc.).  This information will be passed on to our staff so they are fully prepared to ensure your event succeeds.


Two days prior to the event you will receive a follow up confirmation to put your mind at ease.


On the day of the event the models from PNK will arrive early, introduce themselves and provide you with an opportunity to review the event concept.  Once the event begins you will feel the support of the models as they help you provide a heightened experience for your customers, while promoting your products, brand, services or ideas.  Our models are friendly, outgoing and professional, so you can count on them to help your event get the focus it deserves.  We are confident that by the end of the day you will be happy you chose PNK as your marketing partner. 


After each event you'll have the opportunity to provide us with feedback using the "Feedback Form" or by calling us directly at 289-987-0020.  We want to be sure that our staff meet all of your expectations so feedback is always welcome.  It is our goal to have our models represent you so well, that you ask for them again at your next event, making them your true marketing partners. 







More and more, research is showing that even if your company and your products are outstanding, what is more important is whether or not you are connecting emotionally with your customers.  Promotional staff help you to make that emotional connection at your live events by allowing your customers to interact with real, attractive, outgoing people.

The benefits of live marketing events using promotional staff are numerous. Statistics show this is the most effective form of marketing. Benefits include:


* Building an emotional connection with your customers

* Increasing sales and your bottom line

* Your customers will remember your event

* Improving your brand perception

* Creating brand ambassadors

* Word of mouth.  Customers will tell others about the event. 

* Quicker purchases resulting from live interactions 

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